The Y, Where & When

Entry 1 really covers it.  To surmise, 2010 was one of the best years of my life.  I met my soul mate friend, took my first transatlantic flight, I lost my horse, and I loved a man I could’ve married.  Ironically, my best was coupled with some of my most difficult learning lessons yet.  After traveling to Italy, Bali & Singapore in September, I came home to find out I had lost my job.  All I saw was a big, fat plate of change, and I was ready to eat.

The deltas of that year have brought me to leave my life behind in San Francisco.  I’m spending time, individually, with my parents before traveling the world to indefinitely settle down in … ????(!)  This blog is my intimate account and travels as I make my way through this radical plan.  Real, raw, uncooked me.  No refinement, no garnishes, and without skipping over the challenges of my decision – which I’m scared to death about.  I want anyone who reads this to feel as though they’re traveling alongside me.  I began this blog the day I left.


§ 7 Responses to The Y, Where & When

  • Katie Moulton says:

    so im loving the blog so far, but i am very upset there is nothing of fiji so far!! whhhhhyyyy
    please update 🙂
    also all of the photos are now on facebook from my camera, have a good little flick through and i hope you enjoy, ill add you to my katie gap year where the original back ups are

  • Bob says:

    him …is not Him?
    A smile…for honestly said. And in ‘the dart to the heart’
    piercingly…explains us!

    While it would be infinitely beyond arrogant
    for me to speak for Him, or tell ‘how He is’ …
    I in awe can not deny…

    that for my decades…daily…each breath
    His grace to me…
    His patience with me…

    is so universally far beyond me….
    Only a LOVE I can grasp in inklings in His revelations in instants…
    North Stars ever towards His Way…Truth…Life.

    Like I am singing the 60’s classic song, “The Shadow of Your Smile”
    and what i can barely, softly, “remembering” …
    He … creates, renews … timelessly … forever.

    Like I never knew … night on the South Seas
    but did know …41,000 feet cruising the moonlit Pacific
    “in the Southern Cross”.

    so wherever i ‘see’ to ‘receive’
    … in the tiniest little thing
    …’there You go again’! ;-{)}

  • Marina Lavelle says:

    Honey, you blog is fantastic, so passion, so powerful with tons of color-it is so you:) very proud of you… and yes, i stand by Tamales Bay Oysters so very much!

  • Ahhh! Well this answers my question of “why are you travelling?” haha

  • Bob says:

    in part…. ;-{)}

  • Ma.Risa says:

    I’m so glad you stopped by my blog – I wouldn’t have found this gem! I love it!
    Looking forward to tagging along (virtually), if you don’t mind… 😉

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