Entry 72, Gone (New York)

August 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Gone?  Well, I’m not completely. Mentally, nor in my physical location… yet.

My NY segment is wrapped up in a month-long memory box, and I’m ready for my new, new plans to make a surprise visit to Oz.

I admit I feel a tinge of guilt.  There were many moments here that were placed aside so the Leon story could be told… but now my head plays like those flashback segments in movies and I’m swimming in these teeny, tiny moments; dinner at Daniel, A five hour walk with Mila that led us through four neighborhoods and ended on a rooftop with glass fencing, two guys buying us champagne and a skyline sunset.  Chester’s apartment, sun strays leaking in his windows just one story up from the street and Chester’s on his mic singing Frank Sinatra in full karaoke performing fashion.  The unbeatable shopping.  Celebrity encounters during the food truck event I worked for Zaarly.  A playground of gastronomical indulgences, the buzz and heartbeat of a city that you not only see, but feel.  Mila said every day I was here I said three things, “I love New York”, “It’s hot out”, and “I miss Leon“.

I love that despite how off the unbelievable scale the stories you hear about NY are, they are all true, and you can almost witness them all for yourself in a single visit.  How ubiquitous opportunity is.  It knocks there.  Ha… literally.  One night I was cooking Mila dinner, the third row first column pic in my mind collage below (porcini crusted steaks w/ lemon, chive & tarragon butter, beer-battered asparagus tips & lemon aioli – zing!).  I needed a blender.  Mila’s got nearly nada to cook with supply-wise.  Sorry amica, ’tis true.  I asked her to go ask a neighbor to borrow one while I was prepping.  She wasn’t up for it, so I headed out into the hallway to start knocking on some doors.  I got through four or so, but the only one home was Meggie.  Cool gal, had just gotten home, we wound up chatting.  Turns out she’s a fitness model for Victoria’s Secret (fun?!) and I returned to Mila’s apartment, not only with a blender, but an invitation to Meggie’s house party Friday night.  The party was fun, met a couple girlfriend’s of Meggie’s that Mila & I spent the night hanging out with.  On the way out I met a guy named Cyrus.  Meggie made a point to introduce us, she told him I was heading to Europe, more specifically Paris, and as Cyrus goes there three months every year, he became the perfect (non-official) couch surfing contact.  He gave me his sleek white business card, and told me to shoot him an email when I know my dates to arrive Paree.  I made a point to say goodbye to Cyrus before Mila & I left for the night.  He gives good hugs.  I love good huggers.  I love even more, how the most innocent of actions can turn into an opportunity with potential for so much more.


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